Moving can also contribute

Shanghai Volkswagen moving about, the afternoon of March 31, Nanchang railway line Line 1 (West Lake) House were imposing collective agreements, moving ceremony held at Xiangshan culture square, 30 households were imposing collective agreements, 16 for expropriated households focused on moving. Moving ceremony attended by provincial party Secretary Wang Wentao, Nanchang, and release is imposed by the House was moving "start order".
xihu district, Nanchang city rail transit Line 1 line involving House acquisition tasks, including Shanxi Road station, fixed station, Army Day square 4 site in Ding road, station, North Station and its surroundings, to be levied 588 households for housing a total of 80114.44 square meters. Residential 452 22989.03 square meters, non-residential 57125.41 136 square meters. Since its inception in January of this year the housing levy, xihu district, adhere to the "mass work" days after the House collection. Through unremitting efforts, the rail line Line 1 is imposed by the housing in the area is progressing smoothly, levy completed 402 households, accounting for 70.6% of the total tasks. Xihu district, according to the relevant person in charge, the district will go all out to finish homes within the xihu district, Metro Line 1 line, and strive to achieve the "six 100%", the home penetration rate of 100%, policy advocacy, 100%, master is 100%, q 100%, crowd-pleasing rate, collection agency rates 100% 100%.
collective agreements on the same day, moving the event, levy said, benefiting the Metro construction, Nanchang, as members of the public, and everyone has the responsibility and the obligation to make due contributions to the development of the city.
when contributions do not return when he's giving, because someone sacrifice, increasing material wealth and the spiritual wealth of the society, mankind will continue to move forward. Devotees harvested is a kind of happiness, a kind of noble sentiments, is the respect and love of others, is the extension of his life.
Shanghai Volkswagen moving hope everyone can give to society their point of strength, Volkswagen will make every employee for the community they heat and light.

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