Movers on suspicion of being controlled for four days

Homeowners have found something missing in the process of moving decisively moving company who is suspected of "stealing" got friends moving movers held in place, it is understood that, in the absence of sufficient evidence to confirm cases is illegal to detain people, this is illegal detention.
wonder worker stole the Jade will be held
Li bought a new House, a week ago, she found a moving company to get her moving. 19th, moving company to two employees, help Miss LI moving.
Shanghai Volkswagen moving companies small to know, in the process of packing up, Miss LI found the treasure jade gone. "Did you see my jade? "Help move the two movers say" didn't see ". "Just the three of us, who do not take take it? "No matter how Zhang and Li explains, Miss LI is considered to be the two men took the jade.
Miss Lee to a few friends, Li Zhang and "controlled", did not allow them to leave. This is illegal detention of

day, wing sent received an alarm, said two people were controlled in 4 days at our building, they never let them go.
Zhang repeatedly said: "we had really been wronged, have never seen owners of jade. "Homeowners not listening to two people, Miss Lee explained that in the absence of sufficient evidence to support the case, two control during their humiliation and corporal punishment.
"things gone, both of them could be a suspect, but was not the thief who not to keep each other in the room or corporal punishment, assault, this is illegal detention. "Cars checked after the clear, wing police station for the homeowner and her friend's behavior were identified: illegal detention of others ' personal freedom, homeowners and others detained.
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