Smuggled Apple products, 104 people were arrested

Late last month, customs cracked a smuggling ring in Shenzhen, China, cell phone and iPhone iPad tablet, strapped to his legs, from Hong Kong to China, 104 suspects were arrested about Apple products worth more than NT $ 2.4 billion yuan.
Shenzhen Customs surveillance footage showed the middle-aged woman inside into the x-ray machines to scan baggage after trying to trot through, but was stopped by a customs officer.
, according to the Shanghai Volkswagen to move about and behind the woman, act like an unconcerned, wanted to take the opportunity to slip past, also was turned down. In fact, they have long been eyeing the customs.
and sure enough, a search, they found their legs, badgering specially made leggings, hidden well inside dozens of Apple's iPhone handsets.
and this guy is exaggerated, others are rich, he is wrapped around the waist hundreds of cell phones.
because they were hired by a smuggling ring in China, "water", "mass moving" way, smuggled iPhone mobile phones and iPad tablet computers from Hong Kong to China, through a company called "Blue high technology" company, in selling on the Internet.
by phone in Hong Kong, cheaper than in China, each spread, can be as high as NT $ 4,000.
Shanghai Volkswagen to move about, the public security police also deployed RAID stronghold of the smuggling ring, caught nearly 5,000, valued at more than NT $ 2.4 billion yuan of Apple products, as well as large amounts of cash.
it is interesting, since China cracked the smuggling ring after communication lines selling smuggled Apple products in Hong Kong, business has plummeted 30%-40%.