Five ghosts to carry 4 technology factory workers looted billion of precious metals

The four technology companies used to conducting "Silver", "gold salts" raw materials, were staff inside job, after stealing sold to recycler of precious metals into silver or gold bars, billions of Yuan in losses. Criminal Investigation Bureau yesterday busted a well-known technology companies manufacture solar cells stolen 400 kilograms of silver plastic case, arrested in connection with two employees and a commercial, two employees for other colleagues to commit crimes, police in the extensive investigation.
mass moving about, this solar cell manufacturers, counting last year found 400 kilograms of silver, hastily made. At least three other technology companies has also been a workers ' collective records, stolen or silver "gold salts" sold precious metals recyclers refined into silver or gold for profit.
mass moved smuggling Apple commodity 104 people was caught according to new homes situation moved simple choosing an auspicious day method moved workers for was suspected was control four days mass moved share piano of maintenance knowledge prices rose moved industry will will how treats charges price
police pointed out that, technology manufacturers job Member Wei Jianwei, and Liao Hanfei, people, monthly salary 20,000 or 30,000 yuan, from last year August began, gradually steal silver rubber sold in Taoyuan Arundo Donax business precious metals recycling of week enlightened. Week employees will be refined into silver silver bar the sale of profit-making, estimated profits of more than 10 million Yuan, Wei eating marrow taste of instigation of colleagues to steal, when China offers a Commission just recently had more than 7 million Yuan revenue. The company until year-end last year found a shortage of 400 kg, and checked over the loss of up to 30 million Yuan, reported to the Bureau of criminal investigation four, commanded by peach check investigation.
mass moving about, police found flow silver week enlightened precious metals company, and lock operator Wei Jianwei, Liao Hanfei investigation. Three suspect admitted committing crimes after the case, Wei, Liao and two people say they are not the only groups involved.