Electric reverse rising prices skyrocketed in Kenting hotel operations

Electric double-up drive the price of the material, and Kenting areas inhabited mainly by tourism services is also affected, but the districts in restaurant food before the advent of the summer vacation season, Buck introduced a number of special price, looking forward to attract more tourists to come, will minimize price increases hurt.
according to Shanghai Volkswagen moved understand, oil electric double rose effect, drive family suffer, domestic mass traffic transport brewing price, bit at traffic inconvenience of Hengchun Peninsula, Kaohsiung to Ken d at least have spent Shang 1.5 hours, except Shi fly Shi not fly of airport, most visitors are rely on highway transport, high oil will let outside city visitors increased tourism cost, worried visitors thus deterred, local industry who most can't price for should.
area in Kenting accommodation price in China has always been on the high, travel to visit Kenting visitors often complain that no less a trip to Southeast Asia, before industry took advantage of the summer vacation season, at a low price to compete for customers, attracting many Hong Kong and Macao tourists and business opportunities in the Mainland.
Caesar Park Hotel in Kenting in less than hundred years fine-tuning of the practice in the past, Howard Beach Hotel because last year renovated rooms has been price adjustments, Yoho resorts and summer hotel prices will not in the near future plans.
according to Shanghai Volkswagen moved understand, to attract visitors to Ken d enjoy season Qian of leisurely and the Sun, the hotel of offers respectively for: Ken Ding Fuhua du fake Hotel now up to June weekday launched "Ken d unfettered tour" project, two people lined not to 2,500 also containing two meal; equal price, big live Li to resort village except containing two meal, also comes with Ken d, and South Bay area received connection.