New college graduates moving car moving

Graduation season approaching, students are fretting about the move. Looking for black is afraid to get "killed"; Shanghai moving company, his house is worth. Recently, we came up with a plan to save money – spelled formal move.
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just from two outside graduated, and this two days are busy with moved of Zhao Xiaona students told reporter, in previous years heard shige sister are most will select rent black shipped luggage, but actual of results is didn't save a points money, also often suffered driver of "inferior" service, "has a computer what, family rather dry consumption with also not to you take handles".
Cortana says, many students found in the same class, the same people often to one community or neighbouring communities to move, so we hold incentive to try contact the moving company, "unexpectedly, having been heard quite at ease allows. "
Cortana from five school moved outside the loop is located in the East and West third ring space around the bridge, about 40 km away in her" fight "by moving to sunny and ten in two students, moving companies offer is 300 yuan.
"this is cheaper than we find moving companies by more than half! And doesn't have to do it yourself. "Cortana said.
from some colleges and universities also found that search "make friends", and a minority.
moving companies seen many business agree with
car moving substantial amount of people this year, even three or four students a week to make an appointment.
the business but also a few of the most popular University District in the Zhongguancun area, half of whom moved the students are Beijing language and Culture University and Beijing University.
Lin, head of the Shanghai Volkswagen company says graduates used to find them moved little, but passed this year to make an appointment. "Busy, can receive 10 per cent reservation every day, almost all car. "Mr Lam said.
"one single loading does not bargain car can save half for money! "Even the moving companies on the" carpool "endorsed the move.