Rising oil prices moving company and hot feeling difficult business

Shanghai Volkswagen company is an old moving company, due to the reputation and service has always been in good years, svw moving company businesses is growing in volume, orders and more. But these days, the moving company's boss Yang Wanfa is a bit worrying. After the oil price rise in labor costs and workers, both moving companies share of the operating costs, fuel costs and cannot be passed on to the customer on the head. In addition, every year from June to October is off-season for business, business is hard to find, so no company can easily raise prices, can choose their own shoulder.
in fact, and not only these, are "Doves" become a headache of moving company owner and a principal factor. On in the training industry told reporters that because of his cooperation and Shanghai Volkswagen moving quite cheerful, and introduced Shanghai Volkswagen to move one of their clients. When customer is moving company phone handling things later, due to changed his mind again, and while waiting for the moving company, but does not need to be moved, he embarrassed himself.
Shanghai Volkswagen company encounters more than one. Head of many moving companies said that move now not to do business, customers should prices move to a minimum, but also moving company cars to the full. The worst is that when moving company with customer orders, customers reported furniture was not according to the actual situation, which led to occurrence of vehicles are not enough.
to this end, the County found the officer reminds consumers that should be prepared before moving in front of moving: when choosing a moving company, don't take ads or online unrealistic campaign before moving consumers can sign a written contract with the moving company, written details of the move, including moving time, place, price, and so on. But also to establish a sense of integrity, when communicating with the moving company phone, to carry the real number and size of items provided to moving companies, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes.

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