Moving notice
When is the time when moving people are special, we are Shanghai Volkswagen moving company at this time is also the busiest time, move this year different from last year, just busy for two or three days, they light up, but has been too busy to post last year. In her spare time movers began to find recreational activities, this period of time is to make workers more time off, so the company is not very strict, but workers are idle in the gambling, and some of them lost a lot of money.
we quarrel voice coming from the company's dormitory last night, I had a look at the original movers is the old King and his wife were arguing, during which two hands, but for workers rip off do not know next what to down. Ask reason knew yesterday took the company nothing to do he and three other workers ran to the nearby shops of mahjong playing mahjong while his wife called him several times and he paid no attention, and finally shut down. Results day lost more than 500 Yuan, 51 hard earned these days all the money lost. Finally look up money that his wife knew he was losing so much money, and the old King had a big fight. It appears the original scene.
I the old King and three other workers called out for their harsh criticism of the gambling behavior, they also recognize his mistake and said they won't. I asked each of them to write a review. Back then I made an introspection that this event took place, and after a few other managers talk to come up with a regulation after. Whether it is a holiday or a rest after workers as long as the people in the company, do not allow workers to gambling, as long as the workers in the companies we're going to pipe. We are is from rural, is because in outside working than in home farm strong only in outside working, due to didn't technology had to do some manual, by earned of money real is money, is family of main source, once contaminated Shang those evil is may to himself of family brings huge of hurt, while also as to company brings a unit bad of culture, as company, is absolute not willing to see such of things occurred of. Target set up some system of either the worker or the company was good.