Moving notice
"One by one" move is popular overseas
"by" new move mode, moving abroad, currently very rare in China, but the United States has become increasingly popular. "One by one" move by definition is eviction from the "move" because many tenants leave directly after the rent is due, but leaving many to landlord is really difficult, so there will be a "by" one said, but by moving not just the landlord, in the United States by moving companies must be carried out in accordance with the relevant regulations.
a company headquartered in Ogden, Utah business all over the United States, to provide the landlord eviction cases owe tenants legal advice service. 8th quoted Gosset, General Manager of the company, the associated press reported that since the new year, "my phone is ringing." The consulting firm this month posted a case study: a landlord tenant arrears 5 months before a lawsuit, suffer from defaults on rent payments $ 5600, plus a housing loss $ 8700.
according to the relevant regulations in accordance with the relevant law, not paying rent, tenancy, property damage or criminal acts, making noise and other provable reason can lead to tenant eviction. But evictions must be in accordance with strict standards.
first, landlords drove pleaded to the Court earlier, must warn the tenants face expulsion risks, giving correct opportunity. Second, the drive that day, justice officials must hold documents together with relocation companies, locksmiths. If the tenant refuses to leave, things may get worse, law enforcement officers need to forcibly enter, sometimes encounter resistance.
expulsion or metamorphic
based on court records made by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, analysis and field survey reports research results show that each year an average of 20 sets of houses occupied by the tenant on the relocation of a subject to deportation. In some ethnic communities in Africa, the proportion is even one-tenth. This study was conducted by sociologists led by Desmond. "A woman who lives in the black community was deported twice times the likely man," Desmond said, "this is amazing. "
New Jersey," white-glove moving and storage, "said miertaer, sales manager of the company, relocation of expulsion rates reflected the economic downturn. Helping low-income legal services lawyers in New York City, he notes, expel relocation business is booming, as "money at the suffering of the people", this is a very inhumane.