Moving notice
Mr King in the process of moving workers must be handled with care, especially electrical and so on, would have been more careful in the handling process. Moved down here soon, things get on Mr Wang also specifically looking at how goods? Article there is no thing such as electrical pressure.
of our workers are very experienced, generally on a top-heavy, is particularly careful when these appliances, LCD TVs are on top of the soft top, next and other soft things, such as blocking, so that does not occur when items are damaged. Moon Bay Garden side unloading of reels in the car when there is no phenomenon, indicating that goods moving without collision. Things quickly move up, move when workers are demanding a Bill after Mr King said don't worry, he will check there is no damage, such as appliances and furniture. Customer requirements are normal, moving workers stood outside the door, led by Foreman Wu is here to see. LCD TV results Dallas film down and found there is a very obvious scratches on the Panel from scratch should be sharp objects. Wang said this is the worker in the process of moving to our moving company should be held responsible. We led the captain said we do not check before the move, besides you is already wrapped up, how do we know if it is the original? Mr Wang said that before did not move you should open it and see if I have nothing to say in advance, but now it has, and I before the package is not.
in moved of when workers inevitably will encountered appliances like of items, in handling these items of when workers also will special carefully of, like refrigerator, in handling of process in the tilt cannot over 45 °, LCD TV above cannot again put things, washing machine handling of when cannot mention Control Board that a, to mention on both sides has buckle hand of place, microwave in handling Qian must to put inside of glass disc took out and so on. These basic operating knowledge of moving companies in Shenzhen workers are kept in mind, in the actual job of handling is also implemented in accordance with these. But today I would like to say that the topic is in the future when we move workers should check customer appliance is good or bad, it is also a very important thing, because today we ran such a thing here.