Moving notice
Moved company does General are is for urban within of community, now community of equipment are compared perfect, so moved return moved do don't stepped on to mines, some community management quite of strictly, if moved company of moved workers worked Shi has is of not carefully damaged property of any facilities, property on will let Beijing moved company compensation loss, encountered told truth of people OK said, encountered a not told truth of people on will hard slaughter a put, didn't approach who let we workers not carefully has does, Shanghai moving company, working in the community must be particularly careful, including corridors, elevators, green plants, the ground must be doubly careful if vehicle damage property facilities, first thought should be to insurance companies, this also requires that we move in Beijing to enhance the self quality of the staff or the company.
car   is the area in front of the car, sometimes not paying attention hit, if lost, at least 300 of them, also it is the most common kind.
camera, the high prices of electronic products, once you hit at least it takes more than 1000 pieces, you have nothing to say, and who let you hit, you will be responsible.
inside the elevator were it not for wood protection is also very easy to scratch a place especially heavy and bulky that it's easier now more and more senior workers were required to pay great attention.
community channel upper light, many within the community in order to create a romantic atmosphere at night in the road with a lot of street lamps, masks are mostly glass, sometimes accidentally pressure will crush the glass above the car, the price of this lamp has a lot of money.
is the fire protection glass in the corridor, this is the easiest and most common thing moving little things better, if you were moving large be careful, if damage to a lot of money, met to say yourself on a piece of glass for, say you 300 dollars you have no enrollment.
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