Moving notice
Image movers largely represents a company's image, our company has dedicated public service workers, comes very clean and comfortable will give customers a good impression, which is respect for the customer.
last Saturday to Sunday, two heavy rain in Shanghai, some customers on the move turned out to be a good thing to delay, but there are a lot of customers due to the time and just double take had to be moving. And customer of needs is command, we must come rain or shine of to do, this apparently increased has we of intensity and moved difficulty, but still do of makes customer satisfaction, results we of workers is got has a drenched, from Shang to Xia no is is dry of, if also has customer to moved as of also to to, results day out moved Shi wear of workers clothing all playing wet has, on even alternate of that a is. Results the next day go out to move because of work clothes not dry, workers had to wear casual clothes to the customer moved, unexpectedly encountered by customers very seriously.
day to moved of when except didn't wear workers clothing zhiwai remaining of procedures we are complete,, knock open customer of door customer see we workers didn't wear workers clothing said has some differences, also but we workers show has some evidence zhihou customer believes has we, customer also said you now outside and so on, I phone confirmed about, way put moved single and you of workers brand took came, workers do has, about but more minutes Hou customer yellow Mr only door let we in.
when we left when Mr WONG was satisfied with our service, just tell the reason why you have to check the causes. Last June, Mr WONG from the manhole when moved to a place to live because of careless, find moving companies caused him a great deal of loss, his digital camera, piggy bank and two removable disk to store data is stolen by movers, the key is two removable disk, information is very valuable. After I finished moving immediately to Guangzhou, stayed there for almost a month, and when I came back, found these things were gone, and not remember the moving company's phone, so there is no way to find, so completely out of luck. So this move, the company I is especially serious, fear and find those three moving companies and afraid of things that happened last time, it seems that customer care is also necessary. Shanghai Volkswagen moving at a later date must pay attention to the situation and to show customers our full spirit.