Moving notice
General orders by our company are not easily change, after all, the original condition and move, I think, changes customers will change the Organization of work of the company's plans against us, so whether customers or the moving company in the moving honesty is first.
some clients and we talk about the condition of the company then turned to go, more things, conditions or even directly "stood", so our mass moving companies is a major blow, our original plan to readjust, lack of vulnerability.
in general we experienced a temporary customer we can easily add things we won't care, but not all customers are able to realize our difficult, occasionally do not considerate enough to find fault, but we've tried to, after all, is forced by customers themselves.
say is the things that we often encounter customers move more things when it is quite normal, understandable, who at the time of entry is not bad. We are able to give a convenient time to meet customers. But customers such as we have no need for continued cooperation, we should also be, after all, make money, paid labor.